Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District Some History



Big spending in the 6th District race is literally creating news shows – the estimate is $30 million so far!!!!

(5/5/27) There are so many ads in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District race that they are creating the news. Literally.

The tidal wave of spending led a local television broadcaster, WXIA, to temporarily add a 7 p.m. newscast on its sister station. Fans of “The Andy Griffith Show” repeats will have to look elsewhere for the next few weeks.

It’s only the latest way the barrage of outside cash and national attention has transformed the race to represent the suburban Atlanta district. Once thought to be a sleepy special election, it is now poised to be the most expensive U.S. House contest in the nation’s history… (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

By Heather Gray
May 30, 2017
Justice Initiative International

For those outside of Atlanta, I need to say that Georgia’s 6th district has been the hallmark for Republicans, although the demographics in the district have been changing which is why Democrat John Ossoff likely has a chance against Republican Karen Handel. The congressional seat in the 6th district was previously held by Republican Tom Price until he became Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services on February 10, 2017.

Below is a video of journalist Greg Palast while, on May 29th, he attempts to interview Republican candidate Karen Handel. Palast had also attempted to interview Democratic candidate, John Ossoff. who said this was not an event for questions from the press. But Handel was talking with the press in spite of that, so Palast wisely stood in line to ask questions and was then manhandled by “men” around Handle. Here is the video:

Some history about the 6th district

The 6th district in Georgia has been a Republican stronghold for decades, but it’s transforming. Nevertheless, here is some of the district’s history:

Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has existed since the 29th Congress (1845-1847), the first Congress in which U.S. Representatives were elected from districts rather than at-large. Georgia gained a sixth U.S. Representative for the first time in the 13th Congress (1813-1815). The district was represented by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich from 1979 to 1999. 

The District has been represented by a Republican consistently since 1979, the longest in the state. (Wikipedia)

Ronald Reagan in Georgia’s 6th District and Newt Gingrich

When Ronald Reagan was president in the 1980s it was the 6th district where he would both visit and speak in the Atlanta area because it was where he had a huge cadre of support.

Once when Reagan spoke in the 6th district’s sizeable Cumberland Mall, some of us activists in the city held a demonstration while he was speaking. We had a huge sign stating “US Out of El Salvador” and basically we were not chanting but, believe it or not, silently standing there with our sign. Nevertheless, the Reagan supporters were the most hostile I’ve witnessed. They starting spitting at us and yelling “Send them back to Russia where they belong.” In fact, the Reagan supporters got so hostile that the SWAT Team came in and moved us out of the area and, of course, took our ID’s.

Then a few years later, in Cobb County, I was working for some media folks to report on the election results in the 1990 Newt Gingrich race for Congress, that Gingrich almost lost to Democrat David Worley (Gingrich won by just 978 votes).

As the results were coming in, at the 6th district auditorium where I was observing on the night of the election, I was standing next to two of Gingrich’s campaign staff – a male and female. They were, of course, nervous, and I heard the fellow say, “Where was Willie Horton when we needed him.” The female concurred. I thought “wow”! Recall it was the Willie Horton incident that likely lost Michael Dukakis’ presidential bid against H.W. Bush in 1988:

During the campaign, Vice President George H. W. Bush, the Republican nominee, criticized Dukakis for his traditionally liberal positions on many issues, calling him a “card-carrying member of the ACLU“. Dukakis’s support for a prison  furlough  program was a major election subject. During his first term as governor, he had vetoed a bill that would have stopped furloughs for first-degree murderers.[26] During his second term, that program resulted in the release of convicted murderer Willie Horton, who committed a rape and assault in Maryland after being furloughed.   

Whites in the 6th District’s Cobb County soon to be the Minority

The other important thing to mention here is that according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s research on race, the 6th district’s Cobb County will soon have a white minority.  “In four years, this former white conservative bastion is expected to become “majority minority”; that is, minority residents will outnumber white residents.”

Click here to see the demographic changes in all of Georgia’s counties.

Suffice it to say, conservative whites are running scared and doing every conceivable thing they can to diminish the “people of color” vote as through cross-checking.  This is where people are taken of the voting roles if they have the same name of those in other states. The problem here is that Georgia and other states are not looking at birth dates, middle initials, etc. therefore these are invariably not the same people taken off the voting rolls. In fact, according to the Washington Post, only four people in the entire country have voted twice and even those are questionable. Trump talks about millions of people voting twice? If there was ever “fake news,” Trump’s assertion is definitely fake!

White folks in America are running scared and seemingly will do almost anything to maintain control. Again, I am “white” and of European descent and it takes one to know one!

Kindergartners (from left) Ian DeOliviera, Eden Sterling, Ximena Benitez and Adam Ajayi, all 6, play at Carman Adventist School in Marietta earlier this month. These kids represent the new Cobb County, a county that is within just a few years of becoming majority minority. HYOSUB SHIN / HSHIN@AJC.COM

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